ASNER symposium at 2012 SNR Meeting

As has been customary during the last few years, through the kindness and friendship of the leaders of the Neurology Society, ASNER will participate in the Neurology Congress with a symposium.

We hope to attract your attention and participation through the content and quality of the works that we have prepared for you. The highlight of our meeting is Professor Florin Amzica from the University of Montreal, whose conference we’re sure will get your attention.  He will speak about Kir 4.1 proteins involvement in multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.
Recently, the stereotactic surgery to place intracranial electrodes was performed for the first time in Romania, with the purpose of pre-surgical evaluation of epilepsy as part of a research project supported by Bucharest University, Faculty of Physics, Electricity and Biophysics Department. Ioana Mandruta, Jean Ciurea and Andrei Barborica will present to us the principles and reference points essential to this procedure, as well as the case experience.
It is important to know how neurophysiological practice is being performed in reference centers. This is why we welcome the presentation of Ana Cobzaru and Mihai Moldovan, who describe the concrete way of approaching the cases, performing the EMG exam and reporting the results in the neurophysiology clinic run by Prof. Christian Krarup in Copenhagen.
Since we always try to adjust our topics to the general theme of the congress, Bogdan Florea will present some of his own EEG recordings in patients with encephalopathy, and Tudor Lupescu and Adina Atanasiu will outline what we should demand and what results we should expect in the EMG exam in patients with toxic, metabolic and nutritional diseases.


You can download the program from HERE.