The “Romanian Society of Electrodiagnostic Neurophysiology” (ASNER) was founded in 2009 to continue and develop the long standing tradition of the previous “Romanian Society for Clinical Neurophysiology” (RSOCN).

We welcome as active members all physicians from within Romania or Romanian Diaspora with a special interest for neurophysiological investigations. We are also opened for scientists from academia or  industry that contribute through their research to the development and implementation of neurophysiological techniques in Romania.

ASNER is member in good standing of the European Chapter of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN).

Our goal is to promote within Romania common quality standards for neurophysiological investigations in agreement with IFCN standards and recommendations.

ASNER Officers:
Dr. Tudor Lupescu (President and IFCN Delgate)
Dr. Ioana Mindruta (Vice-President)
Dr. Ionela Codita (Secretary)
Dr. Ana-Maria Cobzaru (Treasurer)
Dr. Mihai Moldovan (Scientific director and Webmaster)

Office: Dr. Felix Iacob Street Nr. 2, Bl. M4, Apt. 187, Bucharest 1, Romania
Telephone/Fax: +40212228867
Mobile: +40734392460
Email (officers):

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